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Landscaping Designs and Lawn Care for Residential & Commercial Properties

We have grown into a full-service landscape management contractor located in Houston, Texas serving:

  • Homeowners Associations
  • Churches / Schools
  • Multi-family Communities
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Retirement Centers
  • Retail Centers

We provide landscaping services throughout Cypress, Bellaire, Aldine, Cloverleaf, and other nearby areas surrounding Houston, TX. Our highly-trained landscape designers have the knowledge and experience to save time and hours wasted going in circles. If budget is a concern, call us for estimates and we will assist you in any landscaping projects.

Houston Lawn Care & Maintenance – Services You Can Trust

We at Houston Landscaping Services are happy to work closely with you to design your yard, install the plants, and even install the hardscaping for patios and pathways. We are a local landscape design firm that can install your patio, pathways, and lawn care and maintenance.

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Our Services

“ When it comes to determining how much time will go into maintaining a garden, there are a few things to consider. First, of course, is the sheer size of your garden. ”

Trimming & Pruning

It can be tempting to simply lop off branches that are overhanging your house, but you'll end up with an ugly tree that may not heal properly. Over-pruning or incorrect trimming are two problems you won't have if you let a lawn service take care of your trees and shrubs. They will carefully prune larger plants and trees in order to optimize their health and stability. While trimming your trees, they can also check for disease or other potential problems and stop small problems before they grow into large ones.

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Fruits & Flowers Garden

Get the most from our professional landscape services to ensure that you protect your lawn proactively. To achieve this, you can't just follow a basic formula. You need to know exactly what you have and what it needs -- just as you would a favorite pet in order to get landscaping the neighbors will be jealous of. We can take care of your fruits and flowers garden just the way you want it to.

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Pests & Weeds Control

Failing to keep up on the maintenance just undoes all of the landscape services you had done previously. The weeds move back in, the bugs come back, diseases run rampant, the sun kills what's left over, and before you know it, the yard will look far worse than it ever did before.

Our services include proper fertilization that can identify bugs, diseases, and weeds as soon as they start to show up.

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Why Choose Us

Houston Landscaping Services puts the prestige on the top, we always have great pricing and superior quality, a gardening company you can put absolute trust.

100% Guarantee

A lawn needs regular, attentive care at all times in much the same way we need to get adequate levels of sleep and nutrition in order to maintain our immune systems. This includes cutting and watering using the proper techniques as well as aeration to allow all of the water and nutrients to reach the hungry roots.

Dedicated Support to our Customers

Much of residential property maintenance is preventative and proactive, and lawn care is no different. Because the spring and fall are the ideal time to fertilize, it is these seasons that truly cultivate a lush, hydrated summer lawn. The trick is to properly care for the grass in the non-extreme seasons to help it survive during the summer and winter.

Environmentally Friendly

Remember when doing your residential property maintenance that your grass clippings are very valuable as compost. Cutting your grass often might be time-consuming, but the compost you'll obtain from these clippings can help grow your own vegetable garden. Using an inch of grass clippings will also help reduce weeds in a flower bed. Mixing fresh grass clippings with your garden soil will help the moisture retention properties, and add valuable nutrients and organic matter.

Professional Landscaping Team

Proper residential property maintenance will not only make your home look more appealing, but also helps increase the value of your property. A neighborhood full of nicely manicured and cared for lawns will increase the overall land values, not to mention make you proud to come home.

Our Commitment

Another thing about hiring our company is that you do not have to shell out money in investing in tools and machinery. You may find cheap ones available in the market but you also have to think about the storage as well as the proper care of these things in order for you to get back the money that you spent purchasing it. Our highly skilled professional landscapers have all the tools that are needed so it is one less thing to worry about.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Water Does My Yard Need Each Week?

A good landscaping company will recommend 1 to 1.5 inches of water each week. Now, before you go out and start watering your lawn more, pay attention to the weather as well. If it’s raining, pay attention to how much rainfall there is because you might not even have to water your yard that week. It’s also not a cut and dry question. Pay attention to your plants and yard. Does it look vibrant and lush? If it doesn’t then maybe you should water a little bit more. In most cases, your yard will tell you what it needs if you pay attention.


How Much Does It Cost For A Water Feature?

A landscaping business should be able to install water features on a customers property. This is a difficult question to answer as a water feature could be as simple as picking one up from Home Depot, filling it with water, and plugging it in or it could require a ton of landscaping design especially if it’s located in the front yard. The prices would vary greatly as well. If you are indeed interested in water features or any other hardscaping, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask for a free quote.

What Is The importance Of Using Good Mulch?

The whole point of using mulch is to keep the moisture in the soil that the plants are grown in. When water is evaporating at a large rate from the soil then the root structure suffers. Mulch also greatly reduces the amount of time you need to water your yard and it also breaks up clay while increasing air movement in the soil. The difference between good mulch and bad mulch is the amout of nutrients in the mulch. Ideally, a good mulch would be put out in your yard periodically that would replace the depleted nutrients in the soil.

Do You Give Free Estimates?

Yes, we absolutely give free estimates on almost every landscaping or hardscaping job you require. Sure, there might be sometimes when we can just quote over the phone but in general, a landscaping technician would have to come out and assess the situation. Lighting systems and snow removal quotes are difficult to provide over the phone so we would definitely have to to see the area for those but things like weed control or lawn care can be estimated over the phone. Either way, the estimates are completely free!

What Services Do You Provide?

We provide the following:

Landscaping Design for front and back yards.

This can mean a bunch of things but this is lawn care, trimming, planting, irrigation, etc.

We also service large commercial, industrial, and residential properties. We have all the equipment and resources to handle apartment complexes, HOA’s, restauarants, gyms, and even churches.

Artificial Turf:

We would absolutely love to give you a quote on the installation of artificial turf for your outdoor spaces. Even if you are doing an outdoor kitchen, ask us how to incorporate artificial turf!

Do You Service Both Small and Large Accounts?

We service large industrial complexes, strip malls, gymnasiums, and even apartment complexes as well as simple lots of land. We are 100% capable of handling virtually any type of landscaping job you can think up. If you think your job might be too small then think again, we often plant flowers or do simple yard cleanups as well. It doesn’t hurt to give us a call for a free quote.

What is Hardscaping?

Hardscaping is typically thought of as any landscaping service outside of general lawn maintenance. Hardscaping would be the construction of pergolas, outdoor kitchens, some ground cover, and Lighting systems. Hardscaping generally means the types of services that require us to come out and give you a quote in person. 

What About Non Landscaping Jobs Like Grill or Pergola Construction?

These are absolutely some services that we offer. We are passionate about our lawn maintenance services as well as our major projects like landscape design and installation. Be sure to give us a call and we would be happy to give you a free quote on any hardscaping job. 

Should I Be Collecting The Grass Clippings Or Blowing Them Onto the Grass?

First things first, it’s always a good idea to sweep up your grass clippings from any roadways and sidewalks. They can cause problems for the local sewer system. It’s a good idea to collect the clippings if your grass is sick as to not spread the diseases. Otherwise, it’s just a personal preference on whether to collect the grass clippings or to blow them back onto the existing grass. 

I Have Dead Patches In My Yard, How Do I Get Rid of Them?

The first thing to do is to find out why you are getting dead patches in your grass. Is it your dog or a fungal disease? You can plant grass seed over it if it’s in the cooler, more damp conditions in the fall time but this requires some steps first. To sum it up, you would clear out the dead grass, loosen the soil, and scatter the grass seed over the area. Then add lots of water and you should be good to go. 

Why Should I Work With A Landscaping Designer?

This really depends on what you would like to accomplish with your yard. If you can draw out your plans and coordinate things down to the inch then go ahead. If not, it is recommended to have a landscaping engineer take a look at your yard and determine what you need. 

Do You Do Drainage Repair?

We absolutely do drainage repair. Do you have drainage problems in your front or back yard? We also build retention walls and help out with any other type of hardscaping they might have. 

What Clients Do You Work For?

How Long Will It Take to Design My Garden or Yard?

This really depends on what you have going on with the yard. This is why we give free quotes though. The point is to make sure we get together as a team to solve whatever issue you have in the yard. Usually we can have a quote back to you within the day so it’s never a long time for our company. 

Do I Need An Irrigation System?

This question really depends on a number of factors. Are you watering your lawn on your own? If you aren’t, then your yard definitely could use an irrigation system installed soon. The plants almost always will benefit from more water even in a rainy season. With this being said, it’s also important to pay attention to your yard and observe what you think it needs. Does it look lush and rich? If it doesn’t then maybe some extra water or an irrigation system should be installed.

Do You Guarantee The Plants Live For A Certain Period Of Time?

In order to answer this question, it would be necessary to access what the customer needs. Do you need a whole new yard full of trees or just one bush? Do you have an irrigation system or do you water the yard yourself? Are you committed to giving your trees or shrubs water? We would have to ask these questions and more to find out if the service we provide for you would be 100% guaranteed or not.

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